An ambitious vision

We aim to diversify our high quality products to reach the satisfaction of our customers and to be one of the largest importers of organic, natural and healthy foods in the region

Trust our customers

We have good reputation in the market and the confidence of our customers because there is a sales team and marketing researchers with experience and high efficiency to meet the needs of the market and the consumer

distinguishes us from others

We are interested in choosing high quality organic natural products around the world and providing them in the local market to our valued customers very carefully.

About Us

Miras albilad Foundation is a Saudi-based company based in Riyadh. It is the sole and exclusive agent for the world's leading organic natural products companies with well-known brands. Our company also

 1-  imports  and Exports foodstuffs of various kinds and distribute them within theSaudi Arabia, the Gulf States and the Arab Republic of Egypt.

2-  The country's anchors are keen to select the products very carefully. The products are chosen with the highest quality. It is the first and most important criterion in choosing the products to be imported. We believe that our customers deserve the highest quality products in the Saudi market, Arabian Gulf markets and Arab Republic of Egypt. The organization has a sales team and marketing researchers with experience and efficiency to meet the needs of the market and the consumers and look at them in terms of product development and efficiency

Our Mission

Continuing to strengthen the relationship with customers by providing them with high quality products, developing the services of the organization and expanding the network of branches and offices to meet the needs of existing customers and reach all potential customers.

Our vision

Our organization is the first in the Middle East to obtain the agencies of companies with the highest quality products in the market and import the best types of natural organic foods.

Our goals

We aim to reach our customers for a state of total satisfaction and provide value for the money paid by customers and maintain the share of the country's Maras Foundation in the market and work on the growth of this share and the growth and development of the institution.

rate us

The Foundation and its employees provide a wealth of professional values and principles that have helped the organization not only achieve a high level of success in business but also helped to establish a relationship of trust with both customers and employees.

New Products

Membership Certificates (organic)

Quality Certificates

Our Partners

انضم الى نشرتنا البريدية

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